The father of cryonics, transhumanist Robert Ettinger, writing in 1962, The prospect of Immortality and founded the Cryonics Institute, where his body is cryopreserved. The American James Bedford is the first human to be cryogenically frozen, January 12, 1967. This technique of preserving a body by the cold program has four objectives : to wait to be able to cure a disease currently incurable ; rejuvenate through biotechnology for centuries coming ; bear a long voyage in space ; or, again, move through time by suspending our biological functions.

The three companies most active in this field are Alcor, Cryonics Institute and Kriorus, which offer various formulas, ranging up to $ 200 000. After the death, the blood is replaced with antifreeze and then the body is placed in a tank of liquid nitrogen at – 196 °C. If you want to be cryogenically frozen, take a few precautions beforehand. The first ? Mount a legal structure to not end up paupers in 2250, on the day of your awakening. It should not be despoiled by his heirs… and therefore prevent them to inherit !

Do it as a family !

Second tip : move out of France and choose a place that is politically stable. The technology is prohibited in france, while a british court has authorized, by 2016, the cryonics of a 14 year-old girl terminally ill with cancer. In China, The People’s Daily revealed that the country had commenced the experiments. So, choose Switzerland rather than the republic of Venezuela : in case of revolution, the tanks of the cryogenics will be a symbolic target for the “Untamed” local. People unable to pay their cryopreservation débrancheront the vats of liquid nitrogen with the same pleasure as that of the revolutionaries who have vandalized, in October 1793, the body embalmed of the kings of France held in Saint-Denis to recover the used lead…

Third caution : be cryogéniser family in order not to be alone in the future. Dennis Kowalski, president of the Cryonics Institute, who thinks that “cryonics is an ambulance to a hospital of the future”, has entered into a contract with its own institute for all the members of his family are in suspended animation.

Fourth measure : take care to die near a center of cryonics. The neurons explode quickly after death. Waking up completely gâteux in two centuries there would be little interest… The ideal remains the cryopreservation of living, but it is often illegal, since it is nothing less than euthanasia.

when you wake up, the world will have changed…

Fifth caution : choose a solid company. Some wealthy Americans, who have bought a place in one of the companies of the cryogenics of the 1970’s, may never rise from the dead. After the filing of balance sheet structure, the electricity, which supplied the tanks of liquid nitrogen, has been cut off…

the Sixth tip : get used to the idea that you will live, not necessarily on Earth and that the world will have changed a lot. If cryonics is successful, Earth will be overcrowded, and the exodus to another planet will prove to may be mandatory at your alarm clock.

Seventh point : it is to freeze your whole body and not just your head. The cryopreservation of the whole body costs twice as much but it respects more of our integrity. Finally, do not live in the fear of missing your cryonics. You could spend a lot of time with the psychiatrist, instead of enjoying life ! In regards to myself, and given the immaturity of the technology – Alcor and Cryonics Institute say very honestly that the process has good chances of working, but that patients must accept the lack of warranty – I prefer to die quietly, and leave the future to my offspring.


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