This is the cold shower for 2100 employees of Crossroads, threatened by the transfer or the closure, announced in January, of 273 Dia stores across the country. On the occasion of a central committee of company (CEC) on Monday, Carrefour has announced to the unions the recovery of 29 stores ex-Dia.

The 243 other, one of them having already been sold since January, should close their doors permanently. The takeover offer relates, therefore, only 195 employees on the 2100 under threat in total.

The latest figures provided by Carrefour last week reported “23 firm offers”, a number that “could move at the margin”, had indicated the direction of the group, emphasizing the “lack of attractiveness” of these points of sale.

Balance sheet probably final

Frédéric Roux (CGT) has deplored this result, which occurs despite “400 expressions of interest from prospective buyers on 200 stores”. The balance sheet should not change, Carrefour is not considering other disposals by the end of June, said Cyril Boulay (FO). In detail, 56 stores are expected to close in the area to the North, 38 in the North-West, 25 in the Center-West, 21 in Paris, 59 in the Rhine-Rhone and 44 in the South.

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Among the signs placed on the 29 stores in question, for example the discounter Dutch Action. In this case, in the context of a different activity, the transfer of the contracts of the personal is not automatic.


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