The deputies LR Guillaume Peltier and Damien Abad suggested, on Sunday, a cheque for fuel from 100 euros to distribute to 13 million French from the province “who have” no access to public transport, measures to compensate for the “excessive increase” taxes on the diesel. Guillaume Peltier stated that he would, during the demonstration of 17 November against the rise in diesel prices decided by the government, ” alongside of the French, who, in their overwhelming majority, are angry to see a government deaf “. But it is, however, pronounced against a blocking of roads, deemed to be ” counter-productive “.

” That there be a tax on fuel, it just seems to me, and indeed the whole of the French pay. But why are we, the inhabitants of the French provinces, 13 million French, we would have the double penalty ? ” asked the mp of the Loir-et-Cher and the number three Republican. Comparing a person to the “RSA which key 800 euros of income,” and “a worker earning the smic, which affects 1 488 euros” and ” a few tens of kilometers each day and pays 490 euros more “, he concluded that, ” given the excessive increase of taxes, labour income is becoming lower than the income of the assistance “. Guillaume Peltier, has called for ” an ecology punitive to the place of multinational corporations “, including via “an exceptional tax on motorway companies” that have ” accumulated € 10 billion in turnover last year.”

“This is a proposed completely demagogic, which is to say : We are going to subsidize finally the pollution.”

The member of parliament for the Ain Damien Abad said on RTL that the check fuel would be funded by this tax, ” but also on the model of the ticket restaurant : a share of employer and employee “. The Economy minister Bruno Le Maire, former LR, is opposed to the creation of such a cheque fuel, calling the proposal ” a short-term solution that would contribute to global warming “, in an interview in Paris on 27 October. On Monday, he spoke of accompanying measures referring to the tax credit energy transition (ISCED), to deduct from its taxes part of the expenses incurred for the work carried out in its slot and the bonus to conversion auto.

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The proposal of the two elected Republicans are not more aroused the enthusiasm of Peter Person, or the minister MoDem for Relations with the Parliament Marc Fesneau. “The right is a bit lost, this is a proposed completely demagogic, which is to say : We are going to subsidize, eventually the pollution,” said the mp LREM on Public Senate. “We, what we say, and perhaps it is more courageous, it may be more difficult to explain, we say we need to change our model of automobile consumption,” said Pierre Person, putting, as Bruno Le Maire, the focus on the premium to the conversion to encourage drivers to change vehicle.

“It means that they agree to the tax increases”

the Same elements of language on the part of Marc Fesneau, according to which ” it is not necessary to go to the demagoguery on these issues “. He pointed out the cost of the measure to the Republicans, ” of 15 billion euros “, as it considers to be inconsistent with ” their tradition rather liberal “. “We need to profoundly transform the model, including the transport model, and to ensure that it uses less fuel and décarbone our economy,” he insisted.

As for Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, which supports the manifestation of the 17 November against the rise in fuel prices, it has also qualified the proposal of the elected LR ” stupid “. “It means that they agree to the tax increases,” said Mr. Dupont-Aignan, who proposes that at noon on the 17th of November motorists to ” honk at every intersection of France to the Elysée to hear the legitimate anger of the French people “.


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