The menus of alternative to pork in school canteens does not undermine secularism. The justice was again given wrong Tuesday to the city council of Chalon-sur-Saone to have put an end to these menus.

“The principles of secularity and neutrality which is subject to the public service are not, by themselves, not an obstacle” to the proposal of a menu as an alternative to the pork so that users have “a balanced diet without having to eat foods prohibited by their religious or philosophical beliefs”, considers in its judgment the administrative court of appeal of Lyon.

“the interest of The children”

The judges added that since its establishment in 1984, this practice did not have “provoked the disturbance of public order or been the source of particular difficulties as regards the organization and management of the public service of the school canteen”.

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In September 2015, the municipal Council of Chalon-sur-Saône had voted by a large majority to removal by the city menus of substitution in the pig, which had triggered a controversy and a legal battle. The administrative court of Dijon was cancelled in August 2017 this deliberation, in the name of “the interest of the children”, without deciding the issue on a religious level.

“This is a vegetarian menu, not a menu of halal -”

The mayor LR of the city, Gilles Platret, had appealed the decision arguing, inter alia, that this action had put an end to the “filing” of the students in function of their dietary habits, what he sees as “a file that is religious.”

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“The administrative Court of appeal has ruled: to establish a menu of alternative fully respects the principle of secularism,” said the lawyer, Karim Achoui, who is also president of the League of a Legal Defense of the Muslims, the origin of the procedure, “saluting” a victory of the rights and fundamental freedoms”.

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“A menu of substitutions, as it is to give a choice to the child who, for reasons that are ethical or religious, can not eat meat. For us, it is a vegetarian menu, not a menu of halal”, argued Me Achoui.


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