I'm there or I'm not? Before embarking on the Stock market, some investors remain years with this question unanswered: how, and by whom to spend? Because regardless of the type of investment chosen, it is necessary...
The fall has smiled on the wings european. First there was the record order of 430 aircraft of the owner Indigo Partners Airbus: more than 40 billion dollars (34 billion euros), price catalogue, for its coffers...
How to place its cash in 2018? Despite his performance disappointing, blocked at 0.75% since August 2015, the booklet remains the preferred solution of the French, as evidenced by its success in 2017. After 10 billion...
To succeed in the stock Exchange : it is necessary to know - and understand - the businesses ! Look at their strategy, their projects... Be mindful of their policy of innovation is an important topic,...
1 - You can open an account This is the first step and a must to be able to negotiate securities on the stock Exchange, whether shares, bonds, Mutual funds, etfs or other securities. ...
You dream to specialize in artificial intelligence ? To develop a robot even more efficient than those that already exist ? To start, in the long term, a start-up in the animation ? The universities of...
Montreal, it is the creative energy in a friendly atmosphere and that is exactly what that was enjoyed by Scien and Klor, the duo of graffiti artists that was formed in 1992, in France. Lightning strike...


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No water, no electricity, no future – a journey in the...

Rodions way home leads through a mine field. Right mines on the left of the mines, only narrow dirt road in the...

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