The canadian border services Agency CBSA wants to continue to rely on Blockchain-Software from IBM. Using the trading platform TradeLens they wanted to monitor the cross-border trade flows and their management, optimize, stated in a recent press statement. TradeLens had been developed for 2017 by IBM together with the container giant Maersk as a project for the entire trading industry. So far, the platform fails, however, to their claim, to digitize the global container logistics.

thanks to trade agreements such as TPP, CETA or the recent USCMA Canada is one of the world’s leading trading Nations. To the canadian borders. In addition to cars and industrial products to the canadian import, especially Oil from the USA, the EU and China. The means for the border authorities each year, nearly 15,000 truck loads, over 400,000 Postal and courier consignments, as well as more than 88 billion of customs revenue, which need to be monitored and to register. to facilitate

these management processes in the future, wants to put the canadian border services Agency Canada Border Services Agency, or CBSA, now on the Blockchain platform TradeLense. This is evident from the recent press release from the authority. TradeLense was established last year by IBM and the Danish container giant Maersk, and in August presented to the Public. The aim of the platform is there, the supply chains of global trade to hedge flows using a Distributed Ledger technology (DLT).

With TradeLense will now go to the canadian border management easier, says CBSA-Director John Ossowksi.

“TradeLens can be a trusted digital supply chain for all imports to Canada ready to make […] Canada’s economic power forward”,

so Ossowski. He praises the project, which will help in Monitoring the movement of goods:

“This development is an example of how the canadian government uses innovative technologies to promote trade in a safe and easy way.”

Canada relies on Blockchain technology

The move by the border Agency reflects, however, the General Blockchain Trend in the “Great White North”. Thus, the port of the provincial capital of Montreal, announced last week, to want to TradeLens participate.

Furthermore, the Blockchain experienced in the Northern latitudes, with a lot of encouragement on the part of canadian banks. Most recently, the National Bank of Canada had announced that it was Smart to test Contracts for the management of transactions. Another witness to the Blockchain Trends, the financial consortium of Jasper. In competition to SWIFT, the project Finance is designed to make transactions particularly in the inter-Bank market more efficiently.

Similar to the European North Blockchain-companies appreciate, meanwhile, especially the cheap energy prices of the country.

Maersk & IBM: TradeLens

lagging If observed this week, two new members, it stands to TradeLens even much less rosy. The trading platform was founded less than a year ago with the goal of the entire trade and digitize, especially the container industry. Currently have connected a total of 94 companies Maersk. So far, the Danes have been able to win, however, with Pacific International Lines (PIL) of a single industry competitors, as a member.


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