France should it “come out of an idyllic vision of the family” ? The minister of Solidarity, Agnès Buzyn, who must submit, by the end of November the broad guidelines of its “strategy for the protection of the child” speaks on the violence against children. “There are (…) a part of denial. The vast majority of children who die today from violence are killed within the family circle. We must dare to say it . All [the families] are not bientraitantes. This is an unacceptable reality, but it is the reality”, she says in ELLE magazine to be published Friday.

According to data from the national Observatory of children in danger, the cases of more than 35 000 children have been reported in 2015 to the number “Allô enfance en danger” (119), mainly for acts of violence, physical and psychological.

“To find the right levers of action”, the government needs more reliable statistics on violence on children, ” said the minister. Emphasis should also be placed on the training of professionals, “as well to support that for the identification of children in danger,” said Agnes Buzyn, who gives the example of physicians, “not sufficiently trained to detect the babies shaken”, while half of all babies killed by their parents ‘death to have been shaken”.

In the same digital IT, the editorial staff of the magazine launches a call signed by the editors to “Better protect children, our responsibility”. “This week, at least one of them is going to die”, recalls the text.


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