Our Top Bitcoin News last week: Vitalik Buterin announces Ethereum 2.0. to; the merits of the Blockchain developers; a prison sentence for a One-man Bitcoin exchange, a canadian stock exchange is hacked, and Tim Draper makes a heavy-bullish forecast. Special candy from BTC-ECHO: The evaluation of our chief analysts for the development of the Bitcoin exchange rate up to the end of the year.

Again, only gehodlt and nothing to read? No time for Bitcoin News? Makes nothing. Because here’s our Top Bitcoin News last week.

Ethereum 2.0 (Serenity): “The world computer should be as he is.”

Vitalik Buterin, founder and Figurehead of Ethereum, announced the new Version of his project at this year’s Devcon. In Prague, the crypto pioneer announced that the Update Serenity’m going to make the Ethereum network better, faster and cheaper: “in The world, computer should be as he is.” Here is the link to the full article.

Dick in the business – The Blockchain-developer

richly deserve to be in the crypto area – not only by investing early and wisely. The dividend crypto-Economy, but also brilliant opportunities to earn themselves a Golden nose. So about Blockchain developers are now among the best-paid programmers, even the profession itself is growing tremendously. Here you can learn more.

USA: One-man-Bitcoin-exchange-threatens multi-year prison sentence

An American “Bitcoin Dealer” has confessed to an illegal business with the digital currency operated. He must leave the state, accordingly, its profits in the amount of approximately 725.250 Euro. What the Dealer did in Detail, you can read it here.

“Bug”: Canadian Bitcoin exchange loses all the BTC

Bad news for Bitcoin Hodler at maple change: The small canadian crypto exchange has lost according to their own information all of the deposits of their customers. Due to “Bugs”, it should be Unknown, we have managed to facilitate maple change to Funds in the value of the equivalent of six million US dollars. How much Bitcoin was lost, and whether the customer can expect a compensation that is in the article.

Tim Draper: Bitcoin fixed crack the 250,000 US dollars

Despite the bearish sentiment will keep Perma-bull Tom Lee stubbornly to their forecasts, à la “BTC (the astronomical insert number)” – only the period in which the trip “to the Moon” is to take place, it is gradually moved to the rear. Tim Draper, the billionaire venture capital-entrepreneur who has excelled in the last week. Its forecast in Detail here.

end-of-year rally or slump? Thoughts on bitcoin price development

finally, a special treat: Our Chief Analyst gives his personal assessment of the further course of the Bitcoin price development until the end of the year: What can we expect by the end of 2018.


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