The Lightning Network could solve the scaling problem. One of the greatest difficulties on this path, however, lies not only in Convincing the Community, but also in user-friendliness. Because the use of “Lightning” is technically complex. A renowned Association for the development of Web Standards to tackle the Problem now: The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) developed interfaces, which could make the network soon available in any Browser.

designed Specifically for the merger, called “W3C” API-interfaces for payment methods. API stands for “Application Programming Interface” and refers to points of contact with programmers to existing Software can connect. This is mainly the most famous Web-Browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. This should give developers the ability to write independently and with ease programs to the Lightning-payment for the mentioned browsers.

W3C – the unknown large

makes The “World Wide Web Consortium” is in the Public domain is hardly known, whose actions have great impact on our daily Internet life. From Apple to Microsoft, a variety of Tech-giants to stand on its extensive members list. Together, they develop guidelines to ensure the “long-term growth of the Internet.” Already for several years the Tech works-merger possibilities, alternative methods of payment in the Web-browsers available. As is known now, include these methods also have the Lightning Network.

Despite long-standing interest, it was for the W3C, apparently, is not easy to get Blockchain developers. The reservations of the “old industry”. The block-stream-developer, Christian Decker joined the merger, however, as he confirmed at the end of August in an E-Mail: “Yes, I am, in fact, a member of W3C, more specifically, in the case of Online payments, competent Web Payment Working Group.” Apparently, he wanted to ensure that Bitcoin plays in the Considerations of the World Wide Web Consortiom a role. Apparently with success.

Lightning-adaptation is progressing quietly, but steadily

the Web takes to develop Standards, often years, and certainly the message for Lightning enthusiasts is still no reason for euphoria. Nevertheless, the message is another step in the direction of the implementation of the payment network. Since the peak of the scaling debate, which culminated in the spin-off of Bitcoin Cash, gave it to the network already has many breakthroughs. By the end of 2017 SegWit was implemented and the beginning of 2018, the Community saw the first Lightning-payments. In January of 2018, there were 39 Ligthning Nodes, in July, there were already over 2,600. In the meantime, the number has risen to more than 3,000 Nodes.

On the other side of the Bitcoin, counterparty, Bitcoin, Cash remains the course of an On-Chain solution is more faithful and has the block size from 8 to 32 megabytes raised.

now a little quieter soles of the scaling debate is now in practice in the next round. Both parties go on their way consistently and try in practice to demonstrate that their way is the right one – a competition, which hopefully the users will benefit.


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