The crypto-exchange Bakkt will delight the market in the future with futures contracts. According to a press release from the Futures to come for the crypto-currency Bitcoin this year. This announcement follows a recent change of personnel.

Bitcoin Futures and their influence on the market is likely to be since last December. The announcement and the Launch of the futures contracts for Bitcoin by CME and the CBOE provided (among other things) for a sharp increase in the Bitcoin price. The Signal that lies behind this: We have to do it with a regulated, state-approved financial products, so they need to be legitimate.

is not reached and That the investors desired effect, was a few months after that. The Launch of Bitcoin Futures coincided with a (so far) unparalleled Bullenrun, the flattened out, however, just as quickly. The air from the bubble departed at high speed, many were alienated. Since the allegation of Manipulation was not far – according to studies, the Bitcoin Futures had to rise as a share of the rate as the rate of decay. But as we now know, led to the temporary formation of bubbles, only that the market is now more Mature than before.

Physical Bitcoin Futures

Now Bakkt, to bring to the market a new product: physical Bitcoin put Futures. In contrast to the popular Bitcoin Futures betting here is somewhat different:

“Here it is futures contracts, for the execution of the Asset (here: Bitcoin) and the possession goes right to the owner. That is, the Short Position is obliged, after the expiry of the contract to sell counterparty is the predetermined amount of Bitcoin to the pre-agreed price and to pass on “physically” (if one can speak in the case of Bitcoin). The Bitcoin should be in the course of time higher than the agreed price, the Short Position loss. According to good Deal for the Long Position.“

Here you will find the explanation in Detail.

notice to staff changes

The physical Bitcoin Futures were originally planned for November. After the exchange was Recently promoted by Adam White of Coinbase, announced in a press release, the final date for the Launch of the futures contracts: the 12. December 2018.


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