The hackers of the movement Anonymous, protest against the policy of the Spanish government in Catalonia, have claimed responsibility Monday for attacks against the websites of several Spanish institutions. The sites of the ministry of Economy, of the socialist Party of head of government Pedro Sanchez, of the Council of the judiciary or of the manager of network electric Spanish REE were inaccessible for several hours.

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The sites of the national police, the ministry of foreign Affairs and the constitutional Court have also been attacked, according to tweets posted by the accounts of the movement Anonymous, a collective of hacker activists. “Hey Spain, we see that you always make trouble to the catalan people. This is not a joke. We will do evil to your government too!” one can read in a press release relayed by these anonymous accounts.

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Anonymous, activist group specialist computer attacks, had already taken on the site of the Spanish constitutional Court in October 2017, in full political crisis between the Spanish government and the leaders of the pro-independence of Catalonia.


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