The Express : “Angers, in the first major city of France where life is good”. Are you convinced ?

Danièle Sallenave : Yes. It is in any case like this that it appears to me today, much more than the time when I lived there, as a child, then a teenager. At the time, Angers was severe enough, cold enough. The fact that it has become a great student city and that the centre has been embellished which has given him a charm that she had not in the past.

It is in Angers that children have cried out to Christiane Taubira : “The monkey, eat your banana !” The danger of identity threat-t-he the city ?

In the region, there may be differences, but it is never in the bout standing. However, the subjects of property and of national identity, the debates around the Republic, with the Chouans, while close, are still here unusually large. And the question of marriage for all has been revived old wounds, conflicts that I thought were allayed. They are not : a large part of the population remains ultraconservative.

Between limestone and granite, Angers she realized the ideal synthesis ?

The alliance of the slate and the tuffeau, black and white, in the landscapes of Anjou and the Loire valley, it is absolutely beautiful. The light is exceptional, it gives a great emotional charge. There has to Angers liquidity into the air, which is very navy, the river sucks in the city to the sea. The great families of Anjou had set up many trading posts in the west Indies. It is a land of adventurers, open to the world.

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