The entire market capitalization has fallen to 209 billion US dollars. The majority of the courses at the Top have changed to 10 crypto-currencies. With a price increase of nearly ten percent Stellar is an exception – followed by Ripple. Name of the course in US dollars marktkapita stabilization in bn US-dollar exchange rate change within the week, in percent of the course evaluation support the US dollar resistance in the US DollarBitcoin6.492,27112,55-1eher bullish6.185,006.510,00Ethereum204,9221,05-1neutral183,02229,08XRP0,4618,205neutral0,420,50 Bitcoin Cash445,827,76-2neutral408,42503,10EOS5,424,911neutral5,095,80Stellar0,244,5610bullish0,240,28Litecoin52,593,09-3bearish49,9058,30Tether0,982,031——Cardano0,081,963 rather bullish0,070,09Monero104,511,730, rather bullish98,11110,00 the development of the ten-crypto is Shown currencies with the highest market capitalization, which is given in billions of US dollars. The sideways trend that characterizes the crypto market, is continuing. A large Change in the market capitalization you can’t see, they fell from $ 211 billion to 209 billion US dollars. “Fall” is actually the wrong term: it oscillates around the 210 billion dollars. The Drama in order to Tether, which was the last week, seems to be nearly forgotten; the Tether is course not in the case of a US Dollar, but with $ 0.98 not far from it. This sideways you can see movement on the course of developments. Up on Stellar and Ripple, whose courses are increased by ten or five percent, in the case of the other crypto-currencies. A glance at the respective Charts also leads mostly to a neutral evaluation. Before entering a Long or Short Position, you should wait to see if one of the Resistances or Supports are broken.

Best price development: Stellar (XLM)

In times of General sideways movements you be happy about a price increase of ten percent. Only XRP could approach – with only five per cent – close to the increase of the Stellar rate. In the course of this small rally, the price could climb above the exponential moving average EMA50 and is currently at the height of the EMA200. A positive, rising MACD and an RSI at 55 speak a total of a bullish language. It is, therefore, a Long Position in the Support 0.24, US-Loss of the Dollar as a Stop, and the Resistances can be used in the case of $ 0.28 and $ 0.32, as Targets. A Fall below the Stop, you should not choose the Loss immediately as an invitation for a Short Position; it is only a fall below the second Support at 0.21 US-Dollar can be used as an entry signal, Target at $ 0.19 and 0.18 US to set our sights on the Dollar. As a Stop Loss for this is a scarce set offers at 0.21 US Dollar.

Worst course development: Litecoin (LTC)

Deep in the Litecoin exchange rate is like minus three percent, but for the title of “loser of the week”. In any case, the Litecoin is not a course ends just below the exponential moving average MA50, but currently at the level of the beginning of November 2017. The end-of-year-rally is have been undone. Currently, the MACD line will endeavour (blue), to rise above the Support, but the MACD is still in negative territory. Similarly, the RSI is at 42 – tendency falling. Thus, a bearisher impression of the overall result. Before you choose, however, a Short Position, you should wait and see whether the course can offer Support in case of 49.90 US dollars. Should this happen to you, you can open a Short Position with the Stop Loss at 51,43 US dollars and the Target for 41,02 US Dollar. The course should increase the Resistance at 58.30 dollars, a Long Position in the Target at 67,58 US Dollar and the Stop Loss at 55,97 US Dollar.

the stability of the Top 10

it is Interesting to note that the distance between XRP and Ethereum has fallen to 16 percent. Otherwise, Stellar tried to make EOS the fifth place in the Top 10 in dispute: Only eight percent in terms of market capitalisation, the two crypto-separate currencies. Cardano should be able to four percent increase, would be able to collect the crypto-currency via Tether. Monero is only 13 percent behind Cardano, so that is to be expected here, too, with a Flippening. Finally, Monero has to fear for the tenth place in the Top 10, the market capitalization of Tron but only nine percent of Monero. You see: In the Top 10 may change the week on something.

winners and losers in the course of the fall

an Average of all the crypto currencies increased by 13 percent. Thus, all crypto have average of currencies significantly better than Bitcoin performs. For the Top 100, the result is somewhat scarce: Here the prices have risen by an average of six percent. In particular, Ravencoin was able to make the talk and can show a price increase of over 200 percent. Veritaseum and Basic Attention tokens do not need to hide, however: The courses of this crypto has risen currencies by more than 50 percent. The new Release of Brave browser may have had in the latter case an influence. Loser of the week tokens, which had to cope with a price fall of 19 per cent is Eternal. Only 32 of 100 crypto-currencies have worse performing than Bitcoin. The market share of Bitcoin, however, remained constant and currently stands at 54 percent.

Disclaimer: The information on this page is the illustrated rate estimates do not constitute buy or sell recommendations. They are merely an assessment of the analysts.

BTC-ECHO table data on the Basis of chart images on the Basis of the data of and USD/EUR exchange rate at the time of writing: 0.86 Euro.


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