The entire market capitalization has fallen to $ 211 billion. Until Bitcoin, all crypto-had currencies, a self-Tether, significant price losses. Also Bitcoin itself is only increased by less than a percent

name a price in US dollars, market capitalisation in billion US-dollar exchange rate change within the week, in percent of the course evaluation support in US dollars resistance in US DollarBitcoin6643,45115,081, rather bearish6.014,006.749,45Ethereum211,9321,74-6bearish183,02229,08XRP0,4517,94-8eher bearish0,340,57, Bitcoin Cash465,378,10-11eher bearish408,42507,73EOS5,454,94-6neutral5,045,80Stellar0,234,27-8eher bearish0,200,26Litecoin55,143,24-5eher bearish49,9066,58Tether0,962,42-3——Cardano0,071,94-11eher bearish0,060,08Monero106,281,75-7neutral94,07112,56

the development of the ten-crypto is Shown currencies with the highest market capitalization, which is given in billions of US dollars.

As autumn leaves, the crypto currently fall currencies. So gentle, that the term “collapse” seems a bit incorrect. Of the many hoped-for floor not currently on view. After the beginning of last week, the total market capitalization stood at nearly US $ 220 billion, fell to them at 11. October to 200 billion US dollars. Only on the morning of the 15. October, could return to the market capitalisation, thanks to the current Situation in order to Tether, in the short term to the value from the beginning of the week. Meanwhile, the market capitalization stands at $ 211 billion. For all crypto currencies to Bitcoin the losses are at a minimum of five percent. Three percent rate of loss has to get over Tether.

The present day is marked by a momentary rally, and how sustainable this is, must, however, show. Regardless of the Performance, within the last week, the impression is in almost all crypto-currencies within the Top 10 rather bearish, so you should be up-to-date with a Long Position carefully. Instead, the behavior should be observed at the given Support and Resistances, before one opens a Short Position or a Long Position.

Best price development: Bitcoin (BTC)

Roughly the price of Bitcoin has behaved as stable as one would wish for a Tether. But every little helps and the rate of fall has been made a few days ago, almost back to back. Overall, the Bitcoin price continues its sideways walk. The Resistance of the since February, persecuted Triangle Pattern has been tested, but not broken. With a Negative gerutschten MACD and RSI at 45 is a rather bearisher impression. Before you go for it, however in a Short Position, you should wait for a Fall of the rate below the Support at 6.014 US Dollar. A Short Position with a Target of 5,646, $ 60 and a Stop Loss at 6.188 US Dollar would offer. The rate should rise above the Resistance at 6.749,45 US dollars, you can open a Long Position with a Target at 7.195,41 dollars and a Stop Loss of 6,600 US dollars.

Worst course development: Cardano (ADA)

the Bitcoin-Cash exchange rate had to cope with a loss Rate of almost eleven percent, however, Cardano must bear a loss of more than eleven percent of the inglorious title as the “loser of the week”. The Plateau, which is the rate of delivery between mid-September and early October, could not be maintained after a final Test of the exponential moving average EMA50 as described Resistance. The negative, falling MACD and the RSI at 47 lead to a more bearish impression. Similar as in the case of Bitcoin, you should wait and see the behavior on the first Support at 0.07 US-Dollar or, in the case of the first Resistance at $ 0.08. The course falls under the above-mentioned Support, a Short Position with a Target at $ 0.06 and is less than a selected Stop Loss. The price will rise above $ 0.08, you can also open with just the selected Stop on a Long Position Loss, with a Target at $ 0.10.

the stability of the Top 10

For the media Hype, the Justin Sun created to Tron, one wonders: will we See Tron again in the Top 10? The Tron-rate would certainly increase by only seven percent to push Monero from tenth place. However, between Monero and Cardano, only eleven percent. Finally, the distance between the EOS and Stellar is down to 16 percent. At various Points, can therefore rotate the carousel of lineup of the Top 10.

winners and losers in the course of the fall

an Average of all the crypto-currencies have fallen by nearly a percent. Thus, currencies in a cut of all the Crypto is worse than the Bitcoin performs. For the Top 100, the result is even clearer. Here, the courses have fallen by an average of five percent. In addition to Digitex Futures, which show a price increase of the rich, 81 percent, have increased the rates of GXChain, Eternal Token, Eternity and Loom Network of over ten percent. Digitex Futures could provide recently with a prospect of Commission-free Futures for increased attention. The same applies to the current Airdrop to say. Loser of the week Bytecoin, which had to cope with thanks to various delisting, a price fall of 34 per cent. 82 out of 100 crypto-currencies have worse performing than Bitcoin. The market share of Bitcoin is correspondingly increased and is currently 54 percent.

Disclaimer: The information on this page is the illustrated rate estimates do not constitute buy or sell recommendations. They are merely an assessment of the analysts.

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