The Mutual Alan spear, “Alan Map”, an application that allows its customers to discover the amount of their medical claims.

A medical consultation is always a source of anxiety, small or large. Even more when one does not know the practitioner, and… its rates ! What gave the idea to the start-up Alan launch Alan Map, a website and an app able to offer you geolocation a practitioner within a radius of fifteen minutes, with each time the amount reimbursed by social Security, according to its sector tariff (sector 1 : without excessive fee, sector 2 : excess free, or Optam : fee-free moderate).

It is also indicated if the card Vital and therefore the third-party payment – is accepted. “To develop the application, we asked the national Fund of health insurance the authorization we rely on the data of for the ‘build’ by adding simple tools of research”, explains Jean-Charles Samuelian, co-founder and CEO of Alan, a health insurer created in 2016, who had the idea to launch the interactive map in July last. For dentists, whose tariffs are still free on dentures, and orthodontics, the young shoot had to select 12 acts among the most practiced (crown, bridge, inlay-cores…) to classify the practitioners.

another interest of Alan’s Map is that it references the most professional, responsible creators. The interactive map lists, and no fewer than 340 000 practitioners French, and rates per act per 100 000 of them. Practice to find a specialist near his home or his work. “The idea is to enrich this basis with the feedback of users and of the doctors themselves”, stresses Jean-Charles Samuelian. Next step : a partnership with MonDocteur, one of the many applications that enable you to make an appointment online, in order to propose a complete tool.


340 000 health practitioners referenced

100 000 practitioners of which the rates are filled in

Jean-Charles Samuelian du tac au tac

Your father is a doctor, this is what pushed you to mount a start-up medical ?

absolutely ! I am from a family of doctors and heads of hospital services. I am always asked about the best way to improve the interactions between the patient and health professionals. This is especially crystallized when the cancer my grandfather has been diagnosed.

Your father gives you-t-he advice ?

of course ! We regularly interact. It is helping me a lot in making me the benefit of his experience. But, more broadly, we try to have regular contact with, one side, the users, and, on the other, professionals of health, to continuously improve Alan Map.

Can you imagine a scoring system,a kind of Trip Advisor medical ?

This is not at all the state of mind of our tool. Especially as we would then very quickly the doctors back !

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Your partnership with MonDocteur seems to have lagged behind ?

MonDocteur has seen the news these past few weeks with its takeover by Doctolib. A redemption that actually has a little frozen in our exchanges.


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