The experience above all. The way in which is designated the next president of the AMF illustrates the method Macron, which should be applied to all appointments to the head of the institutions of the State.

It seems that the address book has less importance and that the expertise and very good knowledge of the files are of the determinants. This method, applied to the candidates to the deputation of the Republic in the Market as well as to ministers, is based on a selection committee, which operates as in a recruitment process. The candidates for the presidency of the AMF had until 23 June to submit their documents at Bercy. After reading this folder, each of them has been auditioned by a committee composed of four individuals : Jacques de Larosière (chairman), honorary governor of the Banque de France and former managing director of the IMF, France Drummond, David Wright and Paul-Henri de La Porte du Theil.

thirty people have postulated. Among them, the names do not surprise, they were even expected, or even hoped for : Benoît de Juvigny, Anne Le Lorier, and James, The Pope… But this selection process has also allowed finance professionals are less exposed and less well-known to try their luck. An example among others : Vincent Mandon, founder of the platform dedicated to the consumers of banking services and consumer credit, We met with him.

The Express.en-Yourmoney : Why have you decided to present to you so that your platform does not address the subject of savings ?

Vincent Mandon : My professional career, first in audit firm and audit/inspection internal in the banking sector, enriched by my expertise in Fintech through RobinDesBank, led me quite naturally to apply to this mandate. In addition, users of the platform RobinDesBank regularly pose questions on their savings and are facing on a daily basis to the best solution in relation to their profile.

This new mode of selection seems to you appropriate ?

My application can take on an air of outsider, but she needs all of this mode of selection. It is the image of the last elections in our country, which have helped to give voice to profiles, like mine, young, daring, but above all anxious to re-establish transparency and trust. During my audition, I was able to express myself freely in a favourable climate. I thank my interlocutors for this novel approach!

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Investments: invest in the forest without a hitch No registration number, no investment in diamonds, wine, rare woods… That make a bad investment ?

During your audition, what key actions have you defended ?

According to me, the AMF must ensure that investors are well informed and respond to the needs of investors. For this, I believe that it must reinstate the trust in the center of finance in ensuring the proper functioning of the markets. This implies that it is confirmed in its role as a major player on a european level. Finally, the regulator of the financial markets must lie at the crossroads of the major issues of finance to respond to the transformations generated by new technologies, including the blockchain, in order to anticipate its regulation.


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