billed as the train of tomorrow, the Hyperloop, does not dream that the billionaires such as Elon Musk or Richard Branson: Droux (Haute-Vienne), a small town in the west of France, is preparing to welcome the longest test track for this project that intends to catapult the travellers to more than 1000 km/h.

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If Transpod has chosen this village and its 400 inhabitants, about fifty kilometres to the north of the city of Limoges, france (center-west France), this is because the company has been démarchée by a group of entrepreneurs and elected officials, joined in an association the end of 2017, the association “Hyperloop Limoges”. It has to aim to hatch “an innovative project and able to shine the spotlight of the world on our region,” says Vincent Leonie, first deputy to the mayor of Limoges, and president of the association.

first line in 2030?

Transpod, a start-up canadian working on the development of the technology Hyperloop in Europe, must file Friday, “an application for a building permit to the prefecture of the Haute-Vienne”, explains Sébastien Gendron, co-founder and CEO of the Toronto company, where the registered office of the company. The prefecture must now consider the application of the construction of the test track, a tube on pylons three miles in a straight line to the building along a former railway line on land made available by local authorities.

Conquered, the prefect of the department, Raphaël Le Méhauté, thinks that “the State shall, within that folder, be a facilitator, because, whether or not the transport of the future, the hypothesis of a centre of research of such scope can only be beneficial for the image of this territory and the dynamism of its university”.

Sébastien Gendron and his partner, the scientist Ryan Janzen, say target, “a first commercial line to 1000 km/h around 2030”. The work will start this year, a project of 21 million euros, to date funded 100% by private investors in the framework of a fund-raising of over € 50 million led by Transpod.

A second Hyperloop launched in Toulouse

More or less advanced, similar projects exist in the United States, India, saudi Arabia. In this global race, the Canadian been an outsider to the side of the billionaires Elon Musk and Richard Branson the head of Virgin Hyperloop One or of the American Dirk Ahlborn to Hyperloop TT. The latter has installed a research centre in Toulouse (south west France), on the former military area of Francazal. The metropolis of toulouse will host two test track for Hyperloop TT.

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“The choice of Toulouse was imposed to Europe, our technologies have a lot to do with aviation,” says Bibop Gresta, the president-founder Italian Hyperloop TT, in a Release, “here there is an ecosystem that is particularly in tune with our projects, thanks to Airbus and two competitiveness clusters around transport air and space and embedded systems in vehicles”.

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The start-up american Virgin Hyperloop One has entered into an agreement with the manager of the rail network of the Spanish Adif to build a research centre in Spain. The building of 19, 000m2, which is expected to open by 2020 in the small village of Bobadilla in the south of Spain, will develop and test components related to safety.


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