Number of October 28, 1968

– The bet u.s.

– A resignation of weight in PCF

– Should you believe in homeopathy ?

– The cousin Pierre Perret

– Raftery on the big screen

– Jackie Kennedy marries Onassis

– The chic of the week

– The minute of advertisements

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The Express, 28 October 1968, number 903.

The Express

bet u.s.

In A magazine this week, the star-spangled banner announcing the next u.s. presidential election. She will compete against Richard Nixon for the republican party, Hubert Humphrey for the Democrats and George Wallace in “the third man”. This is an opportunity for Emile Guikovaty to look at the America of 1968, strong economically but weakened by a war in Vietnam that never ends, and strong racial tensions.

“Behind the table almost magical which includes the successful american, the disarray in intellectual the future is so deep, so general, that he would command a first observation : the prosperity is not the answer to the evil that is spreading, it is a vector ; it is to the extent that it opens new paths that the anxiety comes out of the historical depths of despair and take hold of the minds. The Vietnam war had divided the society. At the moment when the slow process of diplomatic conversations of Paris finally creates the prospect of peace next, we see that this inner division remains, if worse can be, crystallizes the divisions that are no longer mainly political, but almost moral. Everything happens as if each American was something fundamental, vital to conquer, so also something to deny. As if the old mold Wasp, white American, anglo-saxon and protestant (White Anglo Saxon Protestant), had become at once useless and impossible, as if he had to find a new ‘melting pot’, a new crucible for a new alloy.”

CPF : A resignation of the weight

disagree with the line led by Waldeck Rochet, general secretary of the communist Party, the wife of Maurice Thorez slams the door of the political bureau. Michèle Cotta reveals the underside of this radical decision.

“By making public the resignation of Ms. Jeannette Vermeersch-Thorez, the French communist Party has not only lost a face. It has changed hers. The letter of rupture addressed to the evening of Sunday, October 20, by the widow of Maurice Thorez to his ‘Dear Waldeck’, embodies in a few lines irrevocable to the ‘new course’ of the P. C. F. the One who, for thirty-one years, has been the companion of ‘Maurice’ has chosen freedom. The upside : the only lawyer of the covenant unconditional with Moscow refuses now to work with the team of M. Waldeck Rochet. […] Emotionally linked to Stalin’s Russia, where she had spent the four years of the war, she had never really admitted that being questioned, in 1956, the foundations of dogma. And the notion of a ‘French solution to socialism’ seemed to him, since 1964, marred by nationalism. These political reluctance, Mrs Jeannette Vermeersch, violently expressed on the case of czechoslovakia.” (Michèle Cotta)

Maurice Thorez and his wife Jeannette Vermeersch, in The Express of October 28, 1968.

The Express

do you believe in homeopathy ?

The Express of October 28, 1968 is interested in homeopathy.

The Express

“There are in France two thousand homeopathic doctors who practice the ‘therapeutic by the similar’. In other words, who administer to their patients of infinitesimal doses of substances, plant, animal or organic, in large amounts, would give precisely the symptoms of the disease fought : ipecac for vomiting, belladonna for fever, coloquinte against diarrhea. These statistics show vividly the importance assumed by this branch of medicine. And yet, last week, in Paris, during their Fourth one-Day study, companies homeopathic of France complained : ‘We want a status, said practitioners.” (Rosie Maurel)

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In march 2018, 124 health-care professionals have signed a forum of vitriol against homeopathy and its partial repayment by the health Insurance. Asked by Agnès Buzyn, minister of Health, the commission of transparency of the High Authority of health shall make, next February, an opinion “as to the merits of the conditions of support and the reimbursement of homeopathic medicines”.

cousin Pierre Perret

After a difficult start, Pierre Perret, has found its audience and its place in the repertoire of French song.

Pierre Perret, in The Express of October 28, 1968.

The Express

“Then, Pierre Perret, ten years ago, soared to Castelsarrasin (Tarn-et-Garonne) with a first prize in saxophone in his luggage. He was half-starved, and, as a corollary, the poet. He had seduced Léautaud and picking ‘the high-ass mischievous rose hips’ in the cabarets of the left bank. Every night, the insults came : ‘Impostor !’, ‘Sub-Brassens !’ Fittingly, almost politely, he said ‘M … e’, and would hide her sadness in the scenes saying, ‘I’ve already shaved the mustache, must it also be that I burn my guitar ?’ It has the force of being hungry of all, to force, to wear the teeth sur steaks of mad cow, he falls ill. Holed up for a year in a sanatorium, he loses a few friends, a piece of lung, and all of its illusions. Healed, he is back with The rotgut, this abominable boui-boui where the spatters are the eyes in the soup. Doesn’t anyone find it looks to Brassens. He won. It has taken over songwriters mummified by the enduring longevity of the regime, it has attracted an audience that was thirsty for gaudrioles accessible, it is descended in the street. Has the wedding. His discs sell by the hundreds of thousands, its Pretty, summer camps have become the new Marseillaise French village.” (Danièle Heymann)

Raftery, arrives on the big screen

Jane Fonda in a suit Paco Rabanne in Raftery (1968).

the Bettmann Archive

“From And God created the woman to the Quarry, Roger Vadim, has exhausted the whole range of earthly pleasures. Brigitte, Annette, Catherine, were the companions more or less legitimate, but always alluring, these kind travel around a room. Today, in a large deployment accessories infernals and vices satanic, it’s his last wife, Jane, which he sent to the stake. The time had come for him to lean on the dangerous liaisons intergalactic, studying the vice and the virtue of the future, to send their heroes to die of pleasure beyond the solar system.” (Stone Pool)

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Jackie Kennedy became Mrs. Onassis

After the announcement of the marriage of Jackie Kennedy with the famous Greek owner Aristotle Onassis, the comments are going well. On a background of disappointment and amazement, everyone feels entitled to give his opinion on the choice of the widow, the most famous of America. The myth of Kennedy, Onassis, the woman’s place in society… In his editorial, Françoise Giroud decrypts the knee-jerk reaction to this unexpected marriage.

October 20, 1968, Jackie Kennedy married Aristotle Onassis on the island of Skorpios.


“In marrying again without we have previously consulted, her who was Mrs. John Kennedy us, this is clear, seriously offended. We are not monsters. We do demand not the convent. Perhaps, even, him would we have been granted permission to share with a widowed, down-to-earth and returned to good old England, the care of cultivating the flame of remembrance. Provided, however, that it measures at least 1 m 70. Because of the photos.”

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The smooth chic of the week

round Glasses, hair in the wind versus costume-cross stripe on the side. When an american hippie meets a young BCBG paris, this is the clash of cultures.

Who is the best looké in 1968 ? The Express of October 28, 1968.

The Express

The minute of the advertisements

With Practice, this is not the little beast, but the sock that monte, monte, monte…

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The Express


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