The booklet Has frozen

The booklet would have had to pay more starting from the 1st of August (1%) if the government had applied the new formula is supposed to “protect investors from inflation.” He has decided otherwise : the booklet will continue to yield only 0.75 per cent, as is the case for the past two years. Be, inflation deducted (+0.7%) over the 12 months to the end of June 2017), a mere 0.05% !

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The return of the booklet of sustainable development and solidarity (LDDS), modeled on that of the booklet, it will not move either, just like the one in the Blue book. If inflation continues its ascent (Insee evaluates to +1.6% in 2017), these investments are popular for their liquidity and their interests are not tax-advantaged to post a negative return this year !

The price of gas down

The rates for regulated gas drop once again. In August, the decline will be of-0.8% on the invoices, has announced the Commission of energy regulation (CRE). In detail, the biggest consumers will benefit from a more dramatic increase than the small : -0,8 % for those who heat up the gas, 0.5% for the families who use it for cooking and hot water, and, finally, 0.3 per cent for those who use gas only for cooking.

In July last year, the decline had been more marked : 4.3 per cent. The tariffs for regulated gas fixed by the public authorities and that only one Engie has the right to market, are going to have to disappear, because they have been deemed to be contrary to the law of the european Union by the Council of State.

The more expensive electricity

After a reflux exceptional last year (-0,5%), the tariff regulated electricity (the famous Fares blue for individuals and small businesses) will grow by 1.7% since 1 August. Several factors contribute to this increase : the price of contracts for a third-party (last winter was cold and the sources of supply more expensive) ; the rest of the country catch up with the freezing of tariffs imposed by the government between 2012 and 2013 (retoqué and already paid in part by consumers), and, finally, the rise in the price of transport, the Turpe. Applied mainly by EDF (alongside local companies of distribution), the tariff regulated affects more than 27 million homes.

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public transport is increasing for the ile-de-france

the fee for The Navigo Pass, which allows you to move unlimited in public transport in the Ile-de-France, it increases from 73 to 75,20 € per month starting from the 1st of August (+3 euros last year). Same trajectory for the carnet of 10 tickets that wins him 40 cents to spend 14,50 at 14,90 euros. No change, however, for the price of the T+ ticket is sold to the unit, which remains at 1.90 euro.

income Taxes : correction, it is now

on The 1st of August marks the opening of the service télécorrection statements of income on the site Reserved for taxpayers who have declared their income online, this service allows you to rectify errors or omissions that have an impact on the amount of the tax due, for example, the omission of deductible expenses (child support, contribution retirement savings…), rents from leases, seasonal, etc

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the corrections in The line are possible until December 19, 2017. Taxpayers who opted for the paper return have no other choice than to fill in a declaration and send it to their centre of public finances to rectify their(s) error(s).


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